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About Us

Optimized Webmedia Studios – About Us

Optimized Webmedia Studios is a boutique Photography and Videography Studio comprised of passionate and experienced photographers, and specializing in Commercial and Corporate Photos and Videos. Each of our photographers and videographers brings their individual expertise with a flair in the creative process to ensure that your life moments are captured with elegance. Each one brings their individual expertise and flair to the creative process of capturing your Life Changing Moments with Contemporary Elegance.

About the Founder

Optimized Webmedia studios is an extension of our Digital Marketing Agency, Optimized Webmedia Marketing, which was founded by Donald Kim, who is a Vancouver (and Lower Mainland) photographer and digital marketer with an eye for amazing shots. Originally starting his career in the biotechnology sector, Donald later found his true calling in life and passion in both business and creativity.

Our Approach

At the core of all our engagements, we aim to document the true essence and objectives of the photo or video shoot. We go above and beyond to deliver world class creativity. Hence, everything that is important in your life is important to us here at Optimized Webmedia Studios. We have access to the best and most talented make-up artists, eye-lash experts, and hair stylists.

Corporate Clients

  • GoGetters Vancouver
  • Fraser Health
  • Pacific Institute

This is What Our Process Looks Like


We begin each client meeting by getting to know each other, identifying your goals and objectives, and help strategize a vision and game plan that will bring you the most amazing photography and/or videography experience. The heart of our process is to capture each distinctive style by using a contemporary approach.

At Optimized Webmedia Studios, we have access to the best and most talented make-up artists, eye-lash experts, and hair stylists, to help you look your very best.

Preparation and Capture

Our photography experts will help scope out locations for the photoshoot, align you with the best in make-up and hair stylists, bring the best in photography and videography equipment, and ensure that we are prepared for all elements to ensure that we deliver an amazing service to you.

We work our magic to ensure that we get the image, and capture every special moment as it plays out. We will be there ahead of time to meet you and discuss, strategize, and nail down plan locations, your specific requests of shots you want in the final product. Our strength is being able to take all the best images without getting in the way or drawing attention to ourselves. At Optimized Webmedia Studios, we shoot in a variety of formats and will match our equipment and props to your budget and expectations.


We assemble the pieces together to tell your story. The delivery will be a truly awesome experience and amazing end product.


When the photos are completed and edited, we’ll provide you with finished copies in the format of your choice, and out custom flash drives ensure the highest quality media is made possible as well as albums. Consequently, we also provide a variety of delivery choices that best suits your requirements.


Your life is a journey. We’d be honored to work with you every season of your life. We’d love to partner with you and be your lifetime photographers and videographers, allowing us to follow you through each moment that you want to hold forever, from weddings, births, ceremonies, family documentaries, and anything that’s important to you and your life.

Best in Photo and Video Equipment & Software

At Optimized Webmedia Studios, we invest heavily into our equipment, therefore, we are able to provide our clients with the very best quality end products.

Cameras for Photography and Videography

  • We use the best in DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). We tend to like Canon DSLR’s, however, we have access to others to meet your specific needs.


  • From soft boxes, to full lighting, we’ve got you covered to provide the best lighting possible. In photography and videography, it’s important to use lighting to your advantage to take amazing shots.


  • We use a number of different colored backdrops for in-studio shots.


  • For highly professional shoots, we have access to numerous box studios in and around the Lower Mainland.

Our Editing Software Tools

At Optimized Webmedia Studios, we use the very best in editing software. Depending on if it’s a photography project or videography project, we use the very best in software editing tools.

Photography Software

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Aurora HDR

Videography Software

  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere
  • ScreenFlow
  • Camtasia

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